Feeling the heat

It’s getting super hot in Thailand now as we approach Songkran (Thai New Year). It is nearly 40 degrees and I am struggling to cope with the heat. Thank goodness for Air Conditioning! I turned 35 at the weekend and I was a bit sad about it at first as I imagined my life to be quite different at this age. However, I know I have a lot to be thankful for and as the famous quote goes; ‘Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.’ (Unknown) I ended up having a nice time with Tam and my friends in Chilling Bar but was a bit disappointed we didn’t get to do karaoke. A couple of weeks ago I finally made it to the top of Tiger Temple, which has 1,237 steps. It is something I have meaning to do for years so was really pleased that I finally did it. It felt like such an achievement and the views from the top were totally worth it. I went with mum’s friend Gilly, who is nearly 70, and she was way ahead of me! We took a tuk tuk there at 6am so saw the sunrise which was spectacular. Coming down the steps was definitely the hardest bit, surprisingly. My legs felt like jelly and as the steps are very steep, I was scared of tripping and falling. The next two days afterwards my legs ached so much! Check out my awesome photos!
photo (14)
This nice doggy helped us on our journey of 1,237 steps.
This nice doggy helped us on our journey of 1,237 steps.
photo (9) photo (12) photo (13) photo (11)
Last week mum missed her trip to Japan because she got ill with gastroenteritis. She ended up in hospital, so it was my turn to look after her! We had quite a good experience at Krabi International Hospital, although I have heard that not everyone rates it. I can definitely say their focus is on money and if you don’t insurance, be careful because they will try to give you everything they can to make some money. Mum had a stomach problem and was given an X-Ray for her heart, a CT scan, Physiotherapy, an IV drip and antibiotics. The total cost was over 1,000 pounds and she was only in for four days. Mind you, that’s nothing compared to the cost of the Bangkok hospital when I was on the psychiatric unit.. the room alone was 1,000 pounds per night! And I didn’t have insurance… oops. I found it very hard to get insurance after the psychotic episode. Most places do not want to take the risk. I was very lucky to discover Pacific Prime who has covered me with my pre existing condition for the whole trip and was not super expensive. So, this is what we have to deal with when there is no NHS. The hospital would not even treat mum until they knew the money was coming from the insurance for sure or until we actually paid them. My advice to you if you are travelling or living abroad – always make sure your insurance is up to date.
I have started writing my food blog again and you can read about my latest food adventure here.  Alongside my studying Creative Writing with the Open University I have been attending an online script writing course with Future Learn and the University of East Anglia. It has been great so far and really helped me to shape the story I have been working on for a while. The course was free and has been attended by thousands of people around the world! I haven’t finished it yet but luckily there is no time limit on the activities so you can finish it in your own time. Better get back to work!

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