Good days, bad days…


I have been back in Krabi for over one month now. I have good days when I am a bit manic and bad days when I am a bit depressed but somehow I am muddling through. I am trying hard to keep up a good routine but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I try to make the most of every day, whatever mood I happen to be in.

Last week was very busy. I had to finish my TMA03 for my Creative Writing module and this one was a big challenge – poetry! I have never written any before but happened to find it very cathartic. Check out my poem about coffee:

Arise and smell the delicious sweet scent 
of coffee concoction, from the heaven’s sent
dark and desirable, brewing up a storm
wake me oh wicked one, so dreamy and warm
don’t drink too much of the madness and mania
you should shun the sugar and avoid being crazier
make mine quite milky,
luxurious and silky
a lovely little latte,
fantastic frappuccinos,
the iconic iced coffee is great at a party
a cup of cappuccino but spare the sprinkles please
an excellent espresso is sure to meet your needs.

I learnt a great deal and worked very hard so now just have to wait and see what mark I get! I have started a little bit of work for my friend Nikki on her blog and am enjoying learning all about social media. I learnt an important lesson about usage rights for pictures too! I went to a few parties this weekend just gone and so am a bit tired now.



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