Back in the land of smiles : )



It has been two weeks since I returned to Thailand and it’s been harder than I thought it would. Just getting used to the heat alone! It’s been great to have mum with me and amazing to be reunited with my husband. We first spent a week in Bangkok with Tams family and then came to Krabi after that. Mum has stayed with us all this time and we just dropped her off at her favourite hotel, Grandmom Place tonight. Whilst in Bangkok we returned to the Bangkok Hospital and saw Dr Birth there, the director or the psychiatric department. I was very ill when I last saw her so it was nice to have a normal conversation with her! Bieng in the hospital again was really strange. Just the smell alone took me right back to that time. Some of the nurses came to say hello to me but I didn’t really remember them. Since we came to Krabi mum and I have been going to the beach every day and I have slowly started to see my friends again. I have had time to catch up with my studying and try to regain some order in my house. Everything is in a different place and a lot of stuff is missing. We joke that it is ‘down the toilet’ as I threw a bunch of stuff down there when I was ill. It’s no joke that the toilet doesn’t flush properly though. We need to get it fixed soon. After my first day in Krabi I felt quite agitated and stressed and was still awake at 3am so I took one of my prescribed 5mg diazepam and slept fine after that.  Some people have said that I am quiet and this makes me sad as I feel like maybe I am not being my real self. In all honesty, even though I am off medication now, I do not feel 100% myself. But then I am still recovering. Coming here has made me realise that. It will take time and I just have to take one day at a time.  I had a really great face massage at Naree last week. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating. It gave me inspiration to write an article for my favourite website, Buzzfeed. I also just learnt how to make a gif so it was super fun putting it all together. It’s called 22 truths you will know if you have ever experienced mania.

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