Counting the days


I am feeling a bit better this week. I have discussed the visa situation with my dad and have decided to write a letter to my MP. I recently wrote a letter about the closure of Bootham Park Hospital and received a reply to that. It was a bit disappointing but the hospital has already been closed and there’s not much she can do about that. I’m hoping she will be able to do more about this. Here is the letter:

Dear Ms Maskell,

Thank you for your letter regarding the closure of Bootham Park Hospital. I have another pressing matter in which I hope you can help me? I have been under the care of the early intervention team since the beginning of this year after suffering an acute psychotic breakdown in Thailand. My husband is Thai and applied for a visa so that we could be together at this difficult time as he had been my carer in Thailand. He was refused this on grounds that I cannot even begin to understand. I have attached this information.

We tried to appeal but have been told that we will have to wait until June of next year. I cannot wait that long! He only wants to come here for a short holiday and then we can return to Thailand together. I have a letter from my psychiatrist recommending that he comes to visit. I have attached this.  Why is this so difficult for us? Can you please help explain to me why this basic human right should be denied to me as a British citizen?

Many Thanks,

I hope to hear from her soon, if not then I will go to the surgery in December. I’m not going to give up on this.  I still plan to go back to Thailand in January and am excited to see my family and friends there. There’s not long to go now! I need to sort out insurance and my own visa, I also need to book my flight! But mum wants me to wait till I’m completely off my meds which is only two and a half weeks away!

Feeling deflated


I’m six weeks into my nine week plan to come off meds and I should be feeling great but I feel so tired and have no energy. I’ve had some bad news too about the appeal for Tam’s visa – it’s not going to happen until June next year. This could delay my trip to Thailand even further; I was hoping to go in January. I don’t know what to do now. Trying to focus on studying but that is difficult too. We are in week 5 – character creation. I’m finding the exercises quite challenging and am anxious to find out my score from the TMA. Don’t know when that will be. I had my last CBT session yesterday and was feeling quite confident about all the work we have done but it’s hard to feel positive about things right now. We were told the appeal would happen in November and I was really hoping that Tam would be here for Christmas. Now I have to plan my festivities without him. I can’t bear the thought of six more months away from him.