Studying hard


I went to my first tutorial at York St Johns this week and met some of my lovely fellow course mates. It was good to meet face to face with the tutor too. I have been studying most days, when I am not working at the cinema. It’s quite challenging but I am enjoying it. We have learnt how to get started with writing through clustering and freewriting. Clustering is when you take a word and make a kind of brainstorm leading to other words that you associate with it. For instance; I clustered on fame and this is one of the strands that I got; FAME –  STARS – SEQUINS – DESIGNER CLOTHES – RED CARPET – HELLO MAGAZINE. I wrote a piece of freewriting from this (when you just write without stopping to think or analyse); Fame:

She’d always wanted to be famous; the parties, money, glamour but now it was a different story. Having the press on her back all the time was so overwhelming and wondering what nonsense stories about her would come out next. The last one was an attack on her ‘size 0’ body which she had achieved through hard work and dieting but had been reported to be ‘starving herself’. It was hard not to take it to heart or get upset. She was waiting for the next story to erupt. She had had a one night stand with Russell Brand and it was bound to come out some time. She didn’t even enjoy it very much, he might have been awarded ‘shagger of the year’ but the person who came up with that award had certainly never had sex with him!

This made me lol! Especially after my obsession with Russell Brand. In the tutorial we clustered on our favourite colour and least favourite colour. Then we made a character using the clusters. This was really interesting! After that we had to write a letter from our character to someone and then write a meeting between the two people. I really enjoyed these tasks and it gave me confidence that I was writing freestyle well. Which is good because it is part of the first assessment which is due in at the end of October.


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