Getting stronger every day


I am almost too tired to write this blog. I have been so busy working and seeing friends and family that I have not had much time to myself. This is a sign that things are a lot better than they were a few months ago but I don’t want to burn myself out! How do you get the balance right? I think as long as you are getting enough sleep, which for me is ten hours a night, then being busy is a good thing. On my day off this week I went shopping with Caroline and then saw ‘Absolutely Anything’ with Matt. This film sees Simon Pegg getting struck down by aliens and given the power to do anything he wants. It was really funny and got me thinking about what I would do if I could do absolutely anything. Of course I would want to help other people but it would be hard not to be selfish and lazy too! I would definitely travel the world and see all my friends in America, Australia, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan and China. It would certainly be hard to bother with mundanities like washing, cleaning and emptying the dishwasher! But maybe its these simple things that keep us grounded and sane? Now that I am feeling so strong I feel like I can do anything and I hope that I will get funding to do a degree at the Open University. I went to an open day in Leeds and was given conflicting information on the likelihood of it. If I don’t then I won’t let it get me down. My future is looking bright and I am excited to see what will happen.

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