A many splendored thing

This week has been really busy and fun. First up, I spent all Monday in the Merchant Adventurers Hall, which is a beautiful medieval building in York, volunteering for a chocolate experiment for ‘Trust me I’m a doctor’. There was a lot of waiting around but I had Matthew and Drew to keep me company so we had fun hanging out and got to eat a lot of chocolate! Matthew will definitely be on the programme as he was interviewed by the presenter, Chris Van Tulleken. You might see a glimpse of me too if you tune into the show in Jul/Aug.


For the last three days I have been attending The Manchester Writing School. Yes! I decided to go ahead with it and I’m so glad I did. We had so much fun. ‘A many splendored thing: Writing well about relationships’ brought together a small group of women of all different ages and backgrounds discussing intimate relationships in literature, fronted by the wonderful Catherine Wilcox (also known as Fox). We had some fantastic lectures from a sociologist, a priest and novelists including Nicholas Royle, proud winner of The Bad Sex Award 1997! If you’re wondering what made me decide to do the course it was talking to Catherine who reassured me that I would not be pressured to talk or write anything if I did not want and also that we would have fun! In the end I wrote something for every exercise and got involved in all the discussions. I enjoyed it so much it has made me think about doing a degree in Creative Writing and I feel really inspired to work on my novel.

It has been three weeks since I have been taking Aripiprazole and I feel slightly anxious and unable to concentrate or relax. Saying that, I did manage to concentrate really well for the whole three days of the writing course which was a real breakthrough for me. Ellie has said maybe I’m just feeling anxious and not to put everything down to the pills. I will talk to my care coordinator on Monday about it.

2 thoughts on “A many splendored thing”

  1. Dear Rosie,

    You did really well in the “Writing about Relationships”-Course at MMU. I really think you should apply for the Creative Writing studies. It’s so much fun. Didn’t we have a great time at MMU together? You can be really proud of yourself for committing to that course. Well done!

    All the Best to you! You are definitely on the mend.

  2. Thank you so much Jane! Yes it was a really great time. I am definitely thinking about doing more studying now. Love x

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