One step closer…


Today I am one step closer to getting back to Thailand; I managed to get my passport form sent off at last. When I was in Bangkok my husband put my passport on the roof of the car and drove off. I had to get an emergency passport to travel home. Somehow this didn’t stress me out at the time. I believed that I didn’t need a passport! I thought if I just turned up at the airport, they would know who I was and let me on any flight I wanted! Luckily Ellie and Tam convinced me to get the emergency passport. Which was not easy! A lot of filling in forms and waiting in queues ensued. It was very stressful. I also lost my visa along with the passport and had to pay 20,000baht just to get out of the country (around 400pounds).  Hopefully the passport will come back before I head down to London on 12th June. I am really looking forward to seeing my friends down there and in Brighton.

Another exciting event of the last week was my first night out in five months! I went to the Fleeting Inn, a pop up pub, in York with my sister, Caroline and her husband John. We saw a couple of bands there and I drank one bottle of cider. Then we went home via the kebab shop 😀 I also took the last of the Olanzapine and am solely on the Aripiprazole now.   Olanzapine is associated with weight gain and I have certainly been eating a lot while I have been on them. Hopefully I will be eating less now although I do think I eat out of boredom and habit. I’m also addicted to Kitkat chunkies 😛

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