The girl with all the gifts


When I was psychotic I didn’t read any books. Even if I’d wanted to (I didn’t – I thought I knew everything). When I came back to England and my recovery had started, I really wanted to get stuck into a good book, especially as I had been banned from the internet. But I couldn’t. My vision was blurry  from the medication I was on and I was manic so couldn’t concentrate on anything. It was so frustrating. I love books! Irvine Welsh and Paulo Coelho being my favourite authors and Filth being my favourite book. Before my breakdown I would have two or three books on the go. I have since learnt that this is a sign of mania. So recently I decided to try and concentrate on one book. I however managed to end up reading two! The first one was ‘The Husbands Secret’ by Liane Moriarty, as recommended by my mum. It was surprisingly easy to read and I was overjoyed at being able to concentrate and finish the book very quickly. It is the kind of book that keeps your interest right to the end, even though we find out the secret about half way through the book. Written from the perspective of different women all entwined into the same story, this novel really sucks you into their world of mothering, love lives and heart ache. There are some good twists and turns along the way which make this book a real page turner. I also read ‘The girl with all the gifts’ by M R Carey, which was epic and took me a while longer to read. It is a fascinating story about a futuristic zombie apocalypse. Melanie is the girl with all the gifts and this story follows her and the people in her life on a life or death mission. If you enjoyed 28 days later and/or 28 weeks later you will LOVE this book. In fact the whole way through reading this book I could imagine it as a movie. It could very well be 28 months later and 28 years later! Either way I really hope they do make this into a movie as it would be amazing. I found some of the scientific parts a little hard to follow but they make this brilliant piece of work really thorough and realistic. Be warned though; this book will give you the CREEPS!!

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