Human Rights


Last week I attended a support group for LGBT people. Although this label does not really apply to me (despite believing I was a transgender woman when I was psychotic), the group welcomed me with open arms nonetheless. The group was mainly older gay men and everyone was lovely. There was no agenda as such, everyone could talk about whatever they wanted. I did feel a little out of place but for me I love the LGBT community so much, that’s one of the reasons I ended up living in Brighton for so long. The gay scene in York is somewhat nonexistent so it’s good that there is a place for people to go. The support group is held once a month and I think I will go again. I think it’s great that people can identify with these sorts of groups and find support in the gay community but honestly I believe that everyone is multi-sexual. I mean, is that all the options? Straight, lesbian, gay, bi or trans? Personally I like to think of myself as tri-sexual. As in I’ll try anything once! Ha ha.. and what about this woman who’s in love with a tree? I believe in human rights and that is why I am going forward with a campaign to help bring my husband to this country.

As it was a bank holiday I got to spend Monday with my sister, Ellie and niece, Drew in Leeds. We went to see Cinderella at the Everyman Cinema which has really comfy sofas to sit on. Cinderella was magnificent! Helena Bonham Carter was the highlight as the fairy godmother. I did get slightly emotional but that’s just the way I am feeling at the moment. We also met up with my friends Matt and Jam at a burger joint where we had epic oreo and peanut butter milk shakes!

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